CocoBana Bengals

After dark all cats are leopards

Aloha and welcome to CocoBana Bengals cattery. We are located in Lancaster County, PA and are a TICA and CFA registered cattery as well as members. Our Bengal cats and kittens are part of our family as well as our lives and the time spent with them is extremely important as well as needed.

I do highly encourage anyone considering a Bengal to do plenty of research on this unique breed. They thrive on attention and a consistent routine. I've been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people who have our Bengals and were a perfect fit. I've also met those who were looking to add a flashy stylish cat that garners attention and exudes glamour to their home. I've met well meaning parents wanting to buy a kitten for their children, who clearly do not know how to handle a living breathing being. So my point is, these are not cold pieces of art ready to be hung on the wall and forgotten. They are not toys for your children to roughly handle. Bengals, like all animals, need love and attention. They will get sick at times. They will grow old just like us. They may have accidents, they may destroy something you like if no guidelines and training is in place. They may get tired of your child being rough and scratch them. Vet bills may be expensive. Please consider all of these things and really think about why and if it's the right time to bring home a Bengal kitten.

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