CocoBana Bengals

After dark all cats are leopards

                 Our Bengals

All of our breeders tested negative for FIV/FeLV and are PKD N/N 

We are very excited to be taking part of research on the Bengal breed by sending blood samples of all of our Bengals to Cornell University. Their blood (DNA & genetics) will be stored in the biobank and used as needed. If anyone would like to take a part in furthering feline research for future medical findings, particularly if you have a senior cat, please contact Cornell at:

                      Aristocat Bengal "Kahuna"

Kahuna is our snow carrier male. He is a very large beautiful seal mink boy who produces gorgeous snows as well as brown rosettes. He has a nice buff colored background, large protruding whisker pads, turquoise green eyes and open rosettes.  He has the friendliest personality and produces the sweetest kittens. 

HCM Screening cleared on 9/28/2014

Annual check up Fiv/FeLV negative fecal test negative on 1/6/2016 

              Anaktoron "Surfer Dude" (Retired)

Surfer possesses huge vibrant rosettes, deep rich coloring and a soft silky pelt. Surfer has a proud pedigree of both Grand Champion and International Champion status in his lineage. His personality is sweet, funny and very playful. In the almost two years we have had him, he has produced the best marked Bengal kittens for us. 

HCM Screening cleared 8/29/2015

Annual check up Felv/Fiv negative 2/22/2016

Noa Island "Nordic Legend" AKA Moose

Moose is my new solid seal mink boy and carries for charcoal. He is extremely sweet and affectionate with a soft silky coat, gorgeous face and beautiful eyes.  I'm in love with my boy Moose and look forward to his future charcoal snows. Thank you so much Angelina for this incredible boy.

Annual check up Fiv/FeLV negative on 5/31/2016

    Oasis Bengals "Fast n Furious"

Expect huge beautiful kittens with enormous rosetting Fall 2017 by Pookah. He is a large gorgeous boy with a handsome face and incredible markings. His personality is sweet and he loves to eat! Love this boy!

Annual check up FeLV/FIV negative on 1/30/17

Scheduled HCM Screening TBD

                       Cazpurr "Aruba"


Photos do not do Aruba justice in how beautiful she really is. She comes from one of the oldest and well known catteries, Cazpurr Bengals.  Aruba's father, Gogees Blackbeard, is very well known in the Bengal world. Aruba is an exquisitely beautiful and affectionate girl with large pancake rosettes, small ears and a baby doll face. Most of all, her voice is simply adorable. She does not meow, but instead, chirps:)

HCM Screening cleared on 8/29/2015

Annual check up Fiv/Felv negative on 2/22/16

          Majestic Realms "Montego Bay"

Again, photos do not do Montego justice. Beautifully contrasted colors, bold spots and a wild looking face, Montego (nicknamed Squishy due to her soft pelt), has the most sweetest and loving personality of perhaps all of my Bengals. Her colors are a deep rich combination of caramel and chocolate brown on top of a butternut background. And her spotted rosettes are a nice burnt orange. Gorgeous girl!  

Annual check up Fiv/FeLV negative on 2/22/16

HCM Screening cleared 7/24/2016

        MagicCastle "Blue Hawaii"

Blue Hawaii is a very affectionate, docile girl with a look that is very unique. She has a long lean body, very vibrant open rosettes and a silky pelt. Her eyes are very intense, her face wonderfully wild and she has an overall jungle cat look.

Annual check up Fiv/FeLV negative on 2/22/16

 Carolina Bengals "Masquerade Island"              

Our very exotic looking girl, Masquerade Island, AKA Banshee, is one of the newest Bengals to join our cattery. Banshee is a beautiful sweet little snow charcoal from Carolina Bengals and  will be producing beautiful snows in 2017:) Thank you Cherie for this affectionate pretty girl.

          Noa Island "Drinks on Me"

I simply love love love this girl!  Tahiti is a beautiful, large, golden red female Bengal with enormous vibrant rosettes and adorable face. Tahiti is also very sweet and mellow girl. I am so excited to see her upcoming litters for the Spring of 2017. Thank you again Angelina.

Annual check up FeLV/FIV negative 1/30/17

HCM Screening scheduled TBD

     Noa Island "Cake by the Ocean"

Once again, an absolutely gorgeous girl.  My little Sausage is such a character! Absolutely hilarious. She will race around the sunroom in less then 5 seconds, do somersaults and greets everyone at the door. She is simply adorable. I love her personality. 

Annual check up FeLV/FIV negative 1/30/17

HCM Screening scheduled for TBD