CocoBana Bengals

After dark all cats are leopards

As a breeder since 2003, I have experienced many, but not all, illnesses within my cattery.  I have no shame in saying we have had fleas, ringworm, Giardia, upper respiratory infections, bacterial infections and FIP.  All these setbacks did was challenge me to learn and understand more about each disease and how to cure and ultimately prevent it from happening again. Now, will these things happen again? Of course. Just like a daycare, crap gets in, infects, and it's up to me to stop it. 

Our cattery sits mainly in the sunroom, a large add on to our home, where several large 8X8 kennels have been built. These kennels house and separate our males. The females are normally in the larger part of the sunroom, except when they are pregnant. The females get their own bedroom for delivering and taking care of their babies.

We do welcome visits to come see the cattery. This is an opportunity to see where my adults are kept, their surroundings and general health and well being. This is not, however, a petting zoo. Half of my adults like attention and the other half aren't going to come near a stranger. That's simply the truth.

I do not require a person to have a deposit down already to come for a visit. But I do ask that visits are for serious buyers only. This means a person is ready to take that next step to possibly owning a Bengal. Please do not waste my time if all you're looking for is someplace to go for the day.